Cristiano Ronaldo Selling Previous Manchester Chateau For £3.25M

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After leaving Manchester United about ten years ago, the soccer legend bought the three-story block mansion in Britain quite some time ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best soccer player, is getting ready to bid farewell to his home in the affluent English town of Alderley Edge, which is only 15 miles from his former playing venue at Old Trafford.

According to posting records, Mr. Ronaldo, a forward now playing for Italian club Juventus, purchased the five-room, three-story block house on Monday for £3.25 million (US$4.1 million).

In the event that it sells for the asking price, the Portuguese footballer will be expected to lose £600,000. A title report filed with the Land Library in 2007 shows that Mr. Ronaldo, 33, purchased the home for £3.895 million some time ago.

The astonishingly Gothic thirst for stuff that Mr. Ronaldo has is revealed by images of the home. A rich charcoal-dim sofa, dark shag and cowhide floor coverings, sheer black draperies, and other dark furnishings are all that remain of the straightforward design that was abandoned.

Generally speaking, the house has authentically traditional finishes, such as big windows, light stone-tile floors, and hardwood.

Pictures of the house, which is listed with local real estate company Benson Pack, show that there are also many luxurious amenities, such as a pool, a spacious white-and-dark enamel kitchen (in the colors of the Juventus team), a steam room, a movie room, and a fitness center.

The request for input from the financier was ignored. There are a total of three en-suite rooms, including a sizable professional suite with two adjacent bathrooms and a door leading to the storage area.

The Portuguese football player was promoted to his former English club for the second time. According to a previous advertisement for the residence, the property was first listed for sale in 2013 for £3.75 million.

After the remark, Mr. Ronaldo, who left Manchester United in 2009, was unable to remain in the country.

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