Terry Dubrow Net Worth

Net Worth:$50 Million
Date of Birth: September 14, 1958 (65 years old)
Profession:Plastic Surgeon
Nationality:United State Of America

What is Terry Dubrow’s net worth? How does Terry Dubrow make his money? Below is the current net worth of Terry Dubrow and how Terry Dubrow makes his money.

What is Terry Dubrow’s Net Worth?

Terry Dubrow is an American plastic surgeon who has a net worth of $50 million. When Terry Dubrow was a resident at the UCLA School of Medicine, he initially began to make a name for himself as a prominent plastic surgeon in Orange County.

He features in The Real Housewives of Orange County and the E! reality television series with his wife Heather Dubrow.


Terry J. Dubrow was born on September 14, 1958, in Los Angeles, California to Laura and Alvin Dubrow. Kevin Dubrow, the lead singer for the renowned heavy metal band Quiet Riot, was his older brother and he died of an overdose in 2007.

While he was a student at UCLA, Terry graduated in 1986 with a medical degree. Additionally, he has a Yale master’s degree. He completed his fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the UCLA Medical Center after completing his general surgery residency there as a chief resident.


In the 1990s, he first got to know actress and Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Heather Paige Dubrow. The instant Terry and Heather met on a blind date, he was head over heels in love. The twins Nicholas and Maximillia, as well as the daughters Katarina and Collette, were the result of their 1999 wedding. The family calls Newport Beach their home.


Dubrow developed his own private clinic in Newport Beach, California, specializing in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Prior to being well-known because of his media roles for facelifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, difficult breast revision cases, and other specialized surgeries, Dubrow received good reviews and doctor referrals.

He was asked to appear as the featured plastic surgeon on Fox’s reality series The Swan in 2004 after opening his own practice after being contacted by Fox producers.

After his appearance on The Swan, the waitlist for his cosmetic surgery procedures went from three months to six months, and it’s still rising. He then continued to appear on numerous shows and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of plastic surgery.

In the summer of 2014, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, a fellow Real Housewives spouse, began taking part in their own plastic surgery reality show on E! called botched On the show, he and Nassif help people whose plastic surgery went wrong.

He has experimented with reality TV previously; this is by no means the first or even the second instance. He previously played the lead in Bridalplasty. The show’s concept was to compete 12 women for a wedding and transformative cosmetic procedures.

Dubrow performed the procedures. The program only lasted one season, as well. On the debate program Good Work, which was hosted by Sandra Vergara, Terry Dubrow, and RuPaul, he had his second television debut. The program was only aired for a brief period of time in 2015.

The majority of Dubrow’s reviews as a physician and for his Newport Beach practice on the website healthgrades.com are negative, labeling him and his staff as disrespectful. A patient’s 2016 evaluation states that he “Had a terrible bedside manner and frequently left me in tears, discomfort, and misery.

Many specialists have observed that he BOTCHED my stomach tuck and breast reconstruction because he left hideous scars that conveniently had to be repaired numerous times on MY dime.”

Heather and Terry Dubrow wrote a book in 2018 called The Dubrow Diet, which promotes a fad diet. The diet is “based on cutting-edge, Nobel Prize-winning science that promises not just extraordinary metabolic regulation, but also an internal cellular rejuvenation with potent anti-aging effects,” according to their website.

A low-carb diet called the Dubrow Diet incorporates intermittent fasting to encourage weight loss. The Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet, an e-book Terry, and Heather recently wrote and released, places an emphasis on consuming lean meats, healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, and fruits.

Terry and Heather claim that the best elements of intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet are combined in this approach. Terry and Heather have a skincare brand called Consult Beaute that they have been developing for the past 15 years.

Real Estate

The Orange County mansion owned by Heather and her husband Terry was sold for an estimated $16.4 million in 2013, and the proceeds were used to buy land in a new neighborhood where they are now building their new dream home.

A penthouse in Century City, a district of Los Angeles, cost Terry and Heather $14 million in October 2022. The Dubrow’s apartment, which has a living area of 5,300 square feet and, astonishingly, just TWO bedrooms, is housed inside the 42-story structure known as The Century.

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