Blessing CEO Net Worth

Net Worth:$500 Thousand
Date of Birth: May 23, 1989 (34 years old)
Profession:Former Police Officer, Relationship counselor, social media personality, influencer and Entrepreneur

What is Blessing CEO’s net worth? How does Blessing CEO make her money? Below is the current net worth of Blessing CEO and how Blessing CEO makes her money.

What is Blessing CEO’s Net Worth?

Blessing CEO is a Nigerian entrepreneur, social media influencer, and relationship therapist who has a net worth of $500 Thousand. She is popularly known for her controversial nature and the advice she gives regularly basically on love, sex, marriages, and relationships.

Blessing CEO was a victim of domestic violence from her former marriage. After her divorce, she became a renounced adviser and the voice of women, especially those abused in relationships and marriages.


On 23 May 1989, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka was born and groomed in Onicha, Ebonyi state Nigeria. Her parents are frequently seen on her Instagram page where she refers to her mum as Kia but has no official information concerning her father.

She grew up alongside Precious, Amaka, and Amara her three younger sisters.


Blessing Okoro graduated from the University of Calabar and bagged a degree in Economics. After graduation, she worked as a receptionist at Transcorp Hotel in Cross River State. She eventually joined the Nigerian Police Force for a period of three years.

In 2021, Blessing saw the need to expand her intellect for her career’s sake she then went further to Buehler Institue and graduated with a certificate in Sex treatment.


Blessing got married to Lucky at age 18 and was blessed with two sons. Three years after she filed for divorce due to domestic violence. Darel Lucky Okoh and Bryan Dgreat are the names of her two sons.


Blessing Okoro is an activist against gender-based violence and also owns a dating website known as Break or Makeup, where people both old and young can freely find partners and socialize including finding soulmates.

Additionally, she has enormous followers on TikTok and Instagram as a social media influencer who share content related to relationships and marriages especially abusive ones on different social media platforms.

On June 2019, Blessing created a self-titled YouTube channel that has 145k subscribers.

 House scandal

The relationship expert showed off on social media with false claims that she owes a mansion in 2019 which originally belongs to a Nigerian billionaire who resides in China Onyeze Na Chiko.

Blessing Okoro was apprehended and after being released, she came out publicly to apologize to fans over the misnomer. She immediately embarked on her house project which she often parades on her Instagram page.

Later in December 2021, she publicly launched her new house. A lot of Accusations were that the house belongs to one of her baby daddies.

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