Maria Sharapova Net Worth

Net Worth:$180 Million
Date of Birth: April 19, 1987 (35 years old)
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession:Tennis player, Model, Athlete

What is Maria Sharapova’s Net Worth?

Maria Sharapova is a former Russian professional tennis player who has a net worth of $180 million. She competes for Russia internationally, but since 1994, she has lived in the United States permanently.

Sharapova has spent a total of 21 weeks at the top of the world rankings throughout her career, five times at different times. For her mental endurance throughout her lengthy and distinguished career, Mario Sharapova has been praised in the tennis community.


Maria Yuryevna Sharapova was born on April 19th of 1987 in Nyagan, Russia. The country was known as the Soviet Union at the time of her birth. When Maria was born, her parents relocated to Nyagan after the Chernobyl catastrophe, which occurred in a somewhat nearby location in 1986. The family relocated once more to Sochi when Maria was three.

At the age of four, Maria Sharapova began her tennis career. Sharapova’s potential was apparent when she was only six years old. Her instructor suggested she enroll at the Florida-based IMG Academy after she attended a skills clinic. In spite of her family’s lack of wealth, her father borrowed the money required and immigrated to the country in 1994 with his daughter.

After eventually receiving her visa two years later, Maria’s mother joined the family. After agreeing to a deal with her, IMG eventually waived her yearly tuition fees. She formally enrolled in professional tennis training at the age of nine.

Career Beginnings

Sharapova made her debut in 2000 after winning the Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championships. She had only turned 16 at the time. She started playing tennis professionally when she was 14 years old.

She immediately began winning WTA matches, but initially, there were limitations on the number of professional games she could play. She returned to the junior tournaments as a result of this.

She was the youngest girl to ever accomplish it when she advanced to the Australian Junior Open finals. She had three tournament victories under her belt by the end of 2002, and she was rated sixth in the junior world rankings.


Sharapova was able to play a complete tournament in 2003 as a professional, finishing the year with two tournament victories and a top 50 ranking. She overcame Serena Williams in the DFS Classic in 2004 and cracked the top 20. Reporters referred to it as one of tennis’ most astounding upsets.

Sharapova was regarded as a strong title contender after that and stayed in the top ten for several years. She attracted a lot of new fans as a result of her performance, and she continued to dazzle in 2004 by beating Serena Williams in the WTA World Tour Championships final and making it all the way to the Zurich Open final.

Sharapova rose fast to third place in the world rankings at the beginning of 2005. She subsequently lost the top spot to Lindsay Davenport after several victories, but she was able to hold onto it intermittently during the year.

After a difficult start to the year, Sharapova completed the year strong with victories at the Acura Classic, US Open, and Zurich Open. She came in second place overall in the world rankings towards the end of the year. After winning the Australian Open and reaching the finals, Sharapova reclaimed the top spot in 2007.

She was able to maintain her position at the top for seven weeks before losing her lead. She then suffered a shoulder injury, which caused her to miss a significant amount of the season. Sharapova concluded the year poorly and only managed to remain in the top 5 despite winning the Acura Classic.

In 2008, Sharapova won the Australian Open and reverted to her previous dominant form. Sharapova reclaimed the top place in the middle of the year. Sadly, she was still bothered by her shoulder, and by the end of the year, her form had suffered. After that, X-rays showed that her shoulder damage was far worse than first thought, necessitating surgery.

Sharapova’s career and position in the world rankings suffered significantly as a result of her surgery recovery. She fell to position 126 in the world while she was rehabilitating. Sharapova returned to the sport of tennis during the summer of 2009, and she had begun to progressively regain her shape. She was ranked 14th at the end of the year.

Despite her poor performance continuing into 2010, she was gradually getting better. In 2011, Sharapova won titles once more, and a run of encouraging performances showed that she was regaining her prior form. She managed to finish the year with a ranking inside the top 5, but tragedy struck at the end of the year when she sustained a terrible ankle injury.

She was still bothered by her ankle ailment coming into 2012, but she quickly moved up to second place in the world rankings. She briefly recaptured the top spot that year after winning a silver Olympic medal. Sharapova had a good performance in 2013, but she had to end the year early due to yet another shoulder issue.

Sharapova made a return in 2014. She finished the year ranked second in the world after taking first place in the Stuttgart Open, Madrid Open, and French Open. The fourth Australian Open victory in 2015 was the season’s high point. She had a difficult 2016 season with injuries.

Sharapova was penalized for using performance-enhancing drugs despite her insistence that she was merely following her doctor’s advice and was unaware she was breaking any laws. She won her first WTA title in four years after serving her ban in 2017, upon her comeback.

Sharapova has been struggling to regain a spot in the top 25 in the global rankings, but at the start of 2018, she was starting to make progress. However, it became evident by the end of the year that her career was coming to an end, and she concluded with a position of 29th.

She was again hindered in 2019 by additional injuries. Soon after playing her 800th match in 2020, Maria Sharapova made the decision to stop playing tennis.

Real Estate

Maria purchased a five-acre estate in Summerland, California, for $8.6 million in October 2020.

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